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Wondering what the most popular decks are at the moment? Trying to figure out how to beat the ladder meta at your particular rank? Curious how one deck REALLY fares against another? HearthScry is the answer. With regularly updated data about what decks are being played, it's your crystal ball into Hearthstone's metagame.

HearthScry is the home of Collect-o-Bot, a public respository of Track-o-Bot data. Dig into the data and see what you can find!

Saturday, February 4, 2017
It's been a while since HearthScry has seen an update. This is largely because other sites have come along to fill the gap that HearthScry was originally intended to fill: a data-driven look at the metagame. As such, I've removed the rather stale sections on meta and deck analysis.
But a secondary goal has been to provide the raw gameplay data publically so that anyone can analyze it however they like. As far as I know no one else is doing this, so I'm focusing my efforts on Collect-o-Bot. Future improvements that I'm considering are exposing an API to access live data (right now data is batched and published daily) and possibly a way to filter or otherwise query the data.
If you aren't contributing your data, please do! Follow the links above to submit your Track-o-Bot API and to find the data repository. If you're doing anything interesting with the data please drop me a line—I'd love to know about it.